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MYELOMA MINUTE | Up To The Minute News | 09.10.2020
The 9/11 Remembrance and 2020 Pandemic Collide
Many of those who responded to the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001 are at a higher risk for COVID-19. During our current crisis, says Dr. Brian G.M. Durie, we must continue keeping the most vulnerable among us safe.
September Is Blood Cancer Awareness Month
With your help, the IMF’s Blood Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) campaign strives to reach outside of the myeloma community to educate those who are unaware of or unfamiliar with the disease. We encourage you to click the link below and download shareable graphics to post on your social media channels!
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Attention Oncology Nurses!
Register NOW for a FREE CNE-accredited symposium on best practices and innovations in myeloma care. Four highly experienced nurses will share real-life patient case scenarios. This IMF-hosted virtual symposium is now available!
And This Too Shall Pass….
Once again, the IMF is hosting a raffle for a 10-day stay at the Villa Ono Oasis in historic Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. While many of us have been affected by COVID-19, we hope to remind you that this too shall pass. If you purchase the winning $50 raffle ticket, you could find yourself just minutes from the Hawaiian coastline. Note: Bookings will be in the future based on mutual availability with you and the property owner.
Participate in the Miracles for Myeloma 5K from Anywhere in the World!
All you have to do is register between NOW and September 26th at 8 a.m. PT / 11 a.m. ET to take part in this year’s Global Virtual Miracles for Myeloma 5K, along with thousands of others. Run, walk, bike, or use a treadmill to complete the 5K!  Choose your virtual run and finish it at your pace. You can even run one mile a day over the course of three days, or complete the full run at one time. Prizes will be awarded for those who raise the most funds, or put together a large virtual team. Join the fun today!
#ASKDRDURIE | Dr. Durie's Weekly Web Video Series
This Week’s Question:

Is it safe for myeloma patients in remission to stop ongoing maintenance therapy?
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