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Veterans Against Myeloma

•Our veterans have sacrificed much to ensure the safety and security of our great nation. Exposure to various chemicals from Agent Orange in Vietnam, to burn pits in the Middle East means our service members put their health on the line, often unknowingly. The International Myeloma Foundation recognizes the extraordinary circumstances in which our veterans served, and we are here to make sure their sacrifices are remembered and honored by a grateful nation.

The Coalition to Improve Access to Cancer Care (CIACC)

•The Coalition to Improve Access to Cancer Care (CIACC) has been hard at work ensuring patients have access to the treatments that are recommended by their physicians through the oral chemotherapy parity legislation around the country. We’re thrilled to inform you that 43 states and the District of Columbia have passed these critical laws to increase access to oral oncology drugs that are crucial to patient survival. Please visit our state and federal pages for action items on this issue.

All Cancers Congress

•The All Cancers Congress (ACC) was coordinated by the International Myeloma Foundation to give the cancer advocacy community a chance to discuss their individual advocacy efforts and legislative priorities. The event was developed to bring groups together to prevent advocates from working in silos and encouraging teamwork. The first annual meeting was widely attended, with 17 different organizations participating.