Miracles for Myeloma 2019

Matlosz's Against Myeloma

Along with our family, we are raising money in support of the International Myeloma Foundation by participating in the Miracles for Myeloma 5k! We are walking in memory of our Father, Lenny who sadly lost his seven month, valiant battle with Multiple Myeloma this past December.
    Our Dad went through sepsis, several rounds of chemotherapy, radiation treatments, a spinal fracture which caused 100 % loss of mobility in his legs. He had numerous blood transfusions, colonoscopies, endoscopies, biopsies, multiple stomach surgeries, and many months of grueling rehabilitation. You name it and he went through it. Dad was a fighter and stayed positive through every issue and obstacle that was thrown at him. He always kept his sense of humor and smile.
    Cancer DOES NOT define our Father. A loving Husband, Father and Grandfather DOES. A loyal friend DOES. A hardworking, business owner DOES. His love for the Yankees, Lanoka Harbor, boating, fishing, grilling, classic rock music and of course the occasional Bud or Captain and Coke DOES.
We can go on and on of what made our Father happy and what made him one of a kind.
     What we do know, is that we do not want another Family to have to go through what we did and suffer such an immense loss. We know that no one deserves to receive such an awful diagnosis as cancer. This particular cancer is incurable, relatively uncommon cancer of the plasma cells. Often multiple myeloma causes no symptoms until it reaches an advanced stage. We are asking if you would help us reach our goals by bringing awareness, help fund research, improve treatments and to fight until a cure is found!
Jessica, Alyssa & Matthew 
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