Miracles for Myeloma 2019

Paddy Power

The bell is ringing on another round. Deep into the bout, this Multiple Myeloma lays stunned on the mat with a strong opponent in Paddy Stevens standing over it.

In his corner is an experienced, incredible team of doctors that have laid out a fight plan and strategy. They’ve studied the opponent’s tendencies, analyzed its patterns, and brought a drug regimen to the fight that resulted in the opportunity to pick the right spot for a 1-2 combo and knock down the contender.

Sitting ringside; a steadfast support system of family and friends, cheering and uplifting. While the myeloma is fatigued, this consistent encouragement allowed Paddy to draw strength and keep punching.

Though he’s landed a series of hard blows to his cancer over the last year, the contest is not over and the fight continues. And while there’s no cure, advancements are continually made; ensuring that future Myeloma fighters face a weakened opponent.

While the fight may continue, its time to take a celebration lap in the spirit of progress! Join Paddy Power to support the Miracles for Myeloma 5k and the International Myeloma Foundation in their quest to find a cure. We look forward to seeing you there as Paddy continues to kick the crap out cancer! 
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