Miracles for Myeloma 2019

The fight for a cure continues
The fight for a cure continues

Marching for Michele

Dear Family and Friends;

It’s that time of the year and we are asking to help us find a cure for Multiple Myeloma. Just a brief update, I continue to improve and thank you for all your support. Every day we need to continue to work to find a cure. I live each day with the knowledge that my disease may come back but I know that past and future donations are helping researchers to find a cure

Finally, Frank, Jen, Marc and I want to ask you again for your assistance in looking for a cure for multiple myeloma. We will again participate in a multiple myeloma fundraiser, called "Miracles for Myeloma 7th Annual Run/Walk". We will use the same team name we created in past years, "Marching for Michele". If you are interested in supporting our family's effort to find a cure for this disease, please think about contributing or even joining our team for the walk.

Thanks, Michele

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