Miracles for Myeloma 2019

Fran's Fighting Angels

When my mom, Francine, was diagnosed with high-risk multiple myeloma over 5 years ago, we were of course terrified. We didn't know the first thing about stem cell transplants, chemo injections, pet scans, constant labwork, having an extreme vigilance against germs, and even the sun! It was and continues to be a lot. We have been through some very tough times and Fran has been through SO much, but she knows you can’t always get what you want, you get what you need! (nothing can ever dim her love of the Rolling Stones) As we've learned over the past 5 years, there are always ups and downs, sometimes it all feels like too much and it is still hard to accept her 'new normal' at times. But, we thank God that she is here with us every day. 

So much has changed in how doctors treat this disease since 5, 10, 20 years ago. I truly do not know where we would be today without the advances that have been made and all of the new drugs that have been, and are continually becoming, FDA-approved. For advances to continue, research money is always needed - especially for a rarer cancer like myeloma that doesn’t garner major support from many large companies or on a wide scale basis.

This is the fifth year that our team, Fran's Fighting Angels, is participating in this important event. In our first 4 years of participation our team has collectively raised over $9,000. We are so excited to bring that number up to over $10,000 this year! By making a donation to our team, you are helping those affected by myeloma. Please make a donation today, and help our team reach their fundraising goal. We appreciate your support!

Lastly, but not last in importance, this year we are extremely saddened to not have a very important team member here with us in person, although we know that he will be there with us in spirit. Christopher Kaiser was at this event with us every year ready to run and with a big smile on his face. We would be remiss not to mention how grateful Fran will always be for this 'Fighting Angel' of hers who now truly is an angel. We know that he is still with her and all of us and always will be.

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