Walk for Myeloma 20

Team McGuthrie

All along in my journey people have asked how can they help? Well, here's a concrete way to help me and many more like me by supporting us and our upcoming walkathon. The Upland support group has given myself and my family tons of support help in guidance and assurance that we're not alone. Now we have a chance to thank them as one happy family by showing your support, by spreading the word, coming to the event, or donating. The money raised is for further research into a cure for Multiple Myeloma and also for improving treatments, testing, and medications for faster remissions and longer times of duration. It takes a village to raise a child it takes a full community and the world to conquer a disease like this one, but I am very confident that if we all work together we shall overcome this adversity and find a cure. We can do it if we do it together!


Thank you in advance for your support in any form. On behalf of the Team McGuthrie and Multiple Myeloma patients, we all owe you a huge debt of gratitude and you all will always be remembered in our daily prayers.


The best,


Team McGuthrie

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