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As I lay in my hospital bed learning what multiple myeloma was in 2003, I was inducted into a rare club - a MM patient under 30!  It was so important to have access to vital information, such as reading my first IMF publication, and receiving support during my first InfoLine call.  

I can remember literally wheeling (in a wheelchair) into my first Support Group meeting and my caregiver and I walking into my first Patient & Family Seminar.  While attending meetings and conferences, I learned that some patients had been in remission 20+ years and others were living full lives.  As I was blessed to hear “you are in remission” and continuing to live as a young adult survivor, I notice the depth of advocacy and research the IMF takes. Its visionary wisdom in corporate and international partnerships aided me to roll on the skating ring with joy for the Black Swan Research Initiative. 

This year, I flew to my first Support Group Leader Summit where I witnessed firsthand the amazing staff and volunteers. Love and support surrounded me, especially when I fell a bit ill during the event. All the awesome advancements IMF has made while never losing its heart for patients like myself and caregivers, in addition to the hands-on support and education provided to all our medical communities, researchers, lawmakers, and international community, is truly inspiring. The IMF remains focused on increasing the quality of life and supporting the development of cost-accessible treatments and a cure! 


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My heart has been filled with so much gratefulness, despite other health challenges and diagnoses. I had the opportunity to celebrate my 40th Birthday on March 22,2017 still in remission and maintenance drug free! Raising financial support I know will help continue the fight in “Finding the Cure for Myeloma”, informing those who “Join the Conversation”, and “Making Miracles”.

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A portion of the proceeds will benefit the International Myeloma Foundation