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As Miss Black USA www.missblackusa.org, multiple myeloma awareness has been very near my heart because of the diagnosis of my mother with the cancer. As my first ballet teacher, seeing her not being able to teach has left a big hole in the dance community in Rahway New Jersey because so many people depended on her knowledge. Without my mother, I would have not been a professional dancer, since she gave me the acquired skills and sacrificed so much so that I could dance professionally. This was a cancer I knew nothing about and taking my mom back and forth to the hospitals really made to want to explore the cancer and its effects. This cancer research has even influenced the food I decide to feed my body shifting toward a natural lifestyle and plant-based diet. During my reign, I have already gone into the school systems in New Jersey, educating students about what multiple myeloma is. Already, they have decided to have a fundraiser to raise money.


I am partnering up with the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) because they are truly focused on finding a cure. I love the collaboration the Black Swan Research Initiative is making to partner up internationally and conduct more research. The organization doesn’t just talk about finding the disease in a particular area but is using better methods that test to find the disease on a microscopic or molecular level. The concept of Flow Cytometry appeals to me because I’m thinking about the access our communities will have to take these tests to help lead to more information on how the body will combat the disease. The IMF also shares the importance of taking care of the whole patient mind, body and soul. I immediately see how supportive they are to speak to and work with my mother, as well as using me as a voice to the African American communities that are out there. There is so much awareness about other cancers and not enough on others. From an outsider looking in, it looks like not all cancers are treated fairly in terms of awareness. Not only am I excited to work with the IMF but I am ready to bring awareness nationally and internationally as well.

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Mail to:
International Myeloma Foundation
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12650 Riverside Drive
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All proceeds to benefit the IMF, providing education and research dollars to help myeloma patients and their families

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