Bicycle Mojave and Beyond 2018


I have wrapped up my early spring 2018 adventure by bicycle from California to El Paso, Texas for the International Myeloma Foundation, so now it’s off to enjoy Europe with my (folding Bike Friday) while raising awareness of MM for all of us.

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My long-time friend Tom Moinet and I have now closed the loop on my incomplete trip from 1968-- Cactus country to Prague spring

Some of you may have been following my adventures for the past 7 years, by bicycle, while raising awareness of our disease Multiple Myeloma. To consider that I for one have gone through bouts of radiation, chemo and a stem-cell transplant from 2008--10 and come out the other side intact is amazing. Since 2011, I have ridden bicycle more than 25,000 miles trying to help people to understand that all is not lost on diagnosis of this disease. Considering that when I was diagnosed I was using a rollator for support and in extreme pain from the lesions on my spine and ribs, I have come a long way back. I cannot remember the last time I have taken aspirin or used my Nordic walking sticks for support, that is how good I feel—knock on wood!

On this early spring 500-mile bicycle adventure I just completed, I had the pleasure of meeting other patients and caregivers during support group meetings in the west and I have been inspired to keep going by each of them. My heart is full of compassion for all of us—only because we still wait patiently for the cure! New treatments and possibilities for improved quality of life are coming out to us nearly monthly. That now is the best time in history to have Multiple Myeloma is not as far fetched as it seems. I could say—hang in there—better days are coming, and I feel that it is true.

Andy and Friend

Prague Spring—2018

Vienna to Prague, Czech Republic to Heidelberg, Germany by bicycle

I am happy and excited to be invited back to Europe by the University of Heidelberg to attend and speak at their doctor/patient weekend on Sept 23. They found me interesting enough two years ago when I bicycled across Europe from Zurich, Switzerland to Budapest, Hungary so I decided that I would do it one more time. I found a way to tie my 1968 USA and Europe 2018 adventure by getting to Heidelberg through Prague. A 50-year anniversary bicycle ride is just what the doctors ordered. No wait—this is all my idea—why? Because I can—I am strong enough during this time, but no one can forecast tomorrow. I leave for Vienna on May 23 and will spend a few days (May 26—28) with the Monks of the Heiligenkreuz Monastery in the Vienna Woods.

They want to do a follow-up video of me and my adventures (on bicycle and with Multiple Myeloma). I am still their miracle in the making.

I will bicycle north out of Vienna, Austria on June 1, utilizing the Vienna—Prague Greenway. Arriving in Prague I will be inspired by other patients before I hang a left turn and ride the Paneuropa Bikeway, Prague--Paris. I will arrive in Heidelberg in late June where a press conference is being arranged to facilitate publicity towards awareness as well as the September 23rd event. I am happy to join patients and caregivers once again.

So how can you help?

I support IMF and it's work and they support me. I do have a IMF polo-shirt and hat that makes me sort of official! Now you can do something for all of us. I would not have thought when I was diagnosed nearly10 years ago that I would be able to do these adventures. Eight years back, my life included extreme pain and suffering with multiple lesions on my spine and ribs as well as acute fatigue. After my treatments that included multiple bouts of radiation and, a trial study including chemo-therapies and an autologous stem cell transplant I have come out the other side. These last 8 years of bicycle adventures are my way giving back to us all. I am one of the lucky patients who require no maintenance therapies whatsoever. I am blessed right now and utilize my time to the fullest riding bicycle and raising awareness about this incurable illness inside us.

You might want to Donate to make a difference, so here is your chance!

Now here is my pitch--I would like you to donate through my website to offer support to the IMF and support groups. I ride not only for me but for all of us. This is your chance to do something good for those less fortunate--me included.


I will be utilizing my Crazy Guy on a Bike site as well as my Andy Sninsky—Facebook and twitter—volcandy, to keep everyone informed of our whereabouts and progress. Join me on this final leg of the journey of a lifetime even in a new 2nd life. Donate today! All the monies I receive go to the IMF research arm. Thanks!!


If you do not want to donate online, please send a donation directly to the International Myeloma Foundation

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