Bicycle Mojave and Beyond 2018


I have wrapped up my early spring 2018 adventure by bicycle from California to El Paso, Texas for the International Myeloma Foundation, so now it’s off to enjoy Europe with my (folding Bike Friday) while raising awareness of MM for all of us.

Hope AZ redo.jpg

That’s me – Andy Sninsky – taking in the breeze in Hope, Arizona It important to me that we all keep our hopes up towards the ellusive cure.


What Is Bicycle Mojave and Beyond?

Beginning in early spring 2018, Andy Sninsky, a myeloma patient whose myeloma is in complete response, rides his fold-up bicycle first from California to Texas. He then flies to Vienna, Austria, to cycle to Heidelberg, Germany , where he will be honored by the University of Heidelberg. Learn how you can support Andy’s charity ride below!

Meet Me: Andy Sninksy a.k.a. “Crazy Guy on a Bike”

Hi, I’m Andy Sninsky, sometimes known as “That Crazy Guy on a Bike.” Since 2011, I have cycled more than 25,000 miles throughout the U.S. and Europe to raise myeloma awareness. How does that work, you ask?


Andy and Friend


How I Raise Myeloma Awareness

Well, first off, I’m a myeloma patient whose disease in complete response. When I cycle on my myeloma awareness rides, I wear an International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) polo shirt and hat. You can donate by clicking the Red Donate button above or send us a check. All gifts will assist the IMF and support groups. I ride not only for me, but for all of us. This is your chance to do something good for those less fortunate—me included.

If you are not comfortable donating online, please send a donation directly to the International Myeloma Foundation

Mail to:
International Myeloma Foundation
Attn: Suzanne Battaglia
12650 Riverside Drive
Suite 206, North Hollywood, CA 91607

Please notate in the Memo Line: Bicycle Mojave and Beyond 2018
A portion of the proceeds will benefit the International Myeloma Foundation research arm.


My Story: How I Got to Be Just Crazy Enough to Cycle Worldwide

Nearly 10 years ago, I would not have been able to embark on these bicycle adventures. In fact, 10 years ago, I had extreme pain from multiple lesions on my spine and ribs and acute fatigue. I underwent treatments including multiple bouts of radiation and a clinical trial that included chemotherapies along with autologous stem cell transplant.
I am one of the lucky few myeloma patients who no longer requires maintenance therapy and whose disease is in complete response. I cannot remember the last time I have taken aspirin or used my Nordic walking sticks for support. That is how good I feel—knock on wood! I feel that I am truly blessed and now use my time to the fullest by riding around the world on a bicycle to raise awareness about this incurable illness inside of us.


The First Leg of Bicycle Mojave and Beyond

As of the early spring of 2018, I launched my latest ride. The first leg of this tour was a five-hundred-mile journey from the state of California to El Paso, Texas. I made this part of the trip with my long-time friend Tom Moinet. It marked the closing of the loop of a formerly incomplete trip from 1968--Cactus country to Prague spring
Check out some pics from our recent ride to Texas:  El Paso is in West Texas and it was the end of the trip before we boarded the train back.



P1030123.JPG  andy sninsky Bike



Time to Head from Mojave to the Great Beyond

Now that the Mojave portion of the bike tour is complete … the time has come to go to the Beyond!
I will fold up my collapsible bike and fly to Vienna, Austria. My first stop is to say hello to my monks of the Heiligenkreuz Monastery in Vienna Woods. Check out My Heiligenkreuz         this video with the monks from a previous bike ride. 

Andy in Europe 

Then, as of June 1, 2018, I will bike north of Vienna along the Vienna-Prague Greenway to visit with myeloma patients and caregivers in Prague. Next, I hang a left and ride along the Paneuropa Bikeway from Prague to Paris. 

The Final Stop

As of late June, I will arrive in Heidelberg, Germany. Once I arrive, a press conference will take place to publicize a huge honor: I’ve been invited back by the University of Heidelberg to speak at their doctor/patient weekend on September 23, 2018.  
The team at the university became interested in this Crazy Guy on Bike back in 2016, when I cycled from Zurich, Switzerland, to Budapest, Hungary. What is especially exciting is I found a way to tie my 1968 USA bicycle adventure and 2018 European adventures by traveling to Heidelberg by way of Prague. This fifty-year anniversary ride is just what the doctors ordered. Because I can—I am strong enough during this time, but no one can forecast tomorrow. The Heiligenkreuz Monestary (In the Vienna Woods) Monks who adopted me as their special intention want to do a follow-up video of me and my adventures. My Heiligenkreuz       

Follow My Adventures

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Andy Sninsky on Twitter @andysninsky or @volcandy
As I ride, I will update all of the above with my whereabouts and progress. Join me on this final leg of the journey of a lifetime in my  second life. 

I get to play all summer in Europe from May 24 through October 4!  I am happy!