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Once again I’m raising dollars for the myeloma education. Why? I was overwhelmed 23 years ago when I was told I had cancer (so scared) called multiple myeloma (“What’s that?”). Since I felt fine physically, I just asked “What’s ‘single’ myeloma (figuring I didn’t have it so bad)?” I was told that generally there’s no such thing as “single” myeloma and is typically referred to as myeloma. Furthermore, the average life span was only 2-3 years and there’s no cure.

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I needed to learn more and found the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF), which offered educational materials and an upcoming Patient & Family Seminar, conducted by Myeloma expert oncologists. Imagine being among 200 patients and caregivers, learning together and beginning to feel empowered. Together with a local myeloma support group (which I now facilitate), these educational tools helped provide me with a belief that I could survive. Of course, I’ve been extremely fortunate and lucky, but I sincerely believe that education is so important for patients and that knowledge is power.

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As a result, I want to raise $50K that the IMF can use as an educational grant because today most patients diagnosed with Myeloma have still never heard of it. And with more treatments available (but still no cure), education is even more important. Please consider making a donation to support IMF’s patient education program so that others can benefit like I have getting to spend more time with the family...especially the grandkids!

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