Andy Sninsky Bicycle Mojave and Beyond 2019

Bicycle Mojave and Beyond 


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That’s me – Andy Sninsky – taking in the breeze in Hope, Arizona. It's important to me that we all keep our hopes up towards the elusive cure.

Meet Me: Andy Sninksy a.k.a. “Crazy Guy on a Bike”

Hi, I’m Andy Sninsky, sometimes known as “That Crazy Guy on a Bike.” Since 2011, I have cycled more than 25,000 miles throughout the U.S. and Europe to raise myeloma awareness. How does that work, you ask?                            


My Story:

How I Got to Be Just Crazy Enough to Cycle Worldwide. Nearly 10 years ago, I would not have been able to embark on these bicycle adventures. In fact, 10 years ago, I had extreme pain from multiple lesions on my spine and ribs and acute fatigue. I underwent treatments including multiple bouts of radiation and a clinical trial that include chemotherapies along with autologous stem cell transplant. I am one of the lucky few myeloma patients who no longer requires maintenance therapy and whose disease is in complete response. I cannot remember the last time I have taken aspirin or used my Nordic walking sticks for support. That is how good I feel- knock on wood! I feel that I am truly blessed and now use my time to the fullest by riding around the world on a bicycle to raise awareness about this incurable illness inside of us. 

Summer 2019 USA/Canada Bicycle Tour

As I begin to plan this 2019 fundraising story for all of you, I am writing this on the days leading up to my 10-year anniversary of my Stem Cell Transplant. It was April 19, 2009 when I had the clean cells put back into me. I had my last maintenance therapies in early 2011 and that was only Zometa. I am one of the fortunate ones who made it to double digits after SCT and so this riding and supporting I do, is my way to give back to this community I never wanted to be a member of. So, here I am in 2019 leaving for the mid-west and east-coast to support Multiple Myeloma and cancer patients and care givers in Kansas. Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, New York and Ontario Canada. 

In the time since 2011 I have ridden bicycle to support patients and care givers on three continents. I have ridden bicycle for all of us as a way to raise awareness in Australia, Europe and the USA. Much positive press has been accomplished on my adventures and I look forward to once again, helping all of us. 

Now here is my pitch-perhaps you know someone with cancer of which Multiple Myeloma is one of the many types. Any donations I receive from this website pass right through to the International Myeloma Foundation. I receive nothing from IMF but a shirt, ball cap this fundraiser page and a hearty than you from the IMF staff. I enjoy bicycle riding and meeting people along my route. Perhaps you want to support this crazy guy on a bike and know that your donations will be put to good use in the search for a cure for Multiple Myeloma. This blood and bone cancer of the plasma cells still has no cure. I do thank everyone in advance and please look for me on a road near you. Just remember the 3-foot rule when passing. 

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As I ride, I will update all of you above with my whereabouts and progress. Join me on this final leg of the journey of a lifetime in my second life. 

How I Raise Myeloma Awareness

Well, first off, I'm a myeloma patient whose disease in complete response. When I cycle on my myeloma awareness rides, I wear an International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) polo shirt and hat. You can donate by clicking the DONATE button above or send us a check. All gifts will assist the IMF and support groups. I ride not only for me, but for all of us. This is your chance to do something good for those less fortunate-me included. 


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A portion of the proceeds will benefit the International Myeloma Foundation research arm.