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You can help fund $1,000,000.00 in donations for Brian Novis Research Grant Awards given by the International Myeloma Foundation.  The beauty of this is that this can be accomplished without you or anyone you have help you with this, taking even one cent out of your pockets or participating in a walk or any other type of event.  Interested, read on.  Where will the money come from?  It will come from a corporation we have all made one of the richest companies in the world, Microsoft.  Microsoft has a couple of its own browsers, Bing and Edge. Companies such as Google, Microsoft and Apple make money when someone clicks on an ad or link posted on their browsers.  Microsoft is trying to increase its share of this lucrative revenue stream by providing an incentive for us to use Microsoft’s Bing and Edge browsers.  The incentive is through their Microsoft Rewards Program. You can enroll in Microsoft Rewards for free and generate points which convert into monetary donations for research simply by clicking on your computer and tapping on your cell phone using Microsoft Bing and Microsoft Edge.  We all made Microsoft immensely wealthy.  Now it is time for Microsoft to help make myeloma patients immensely healthy and Microsoft is willing to give money to do just that. 

By clicking and tapping at, each day you can generate about 35 cents per day.

At first glance this may not sound like a lot but do the math.

Average daily amount


Days per year


Yearly amount from clicking and tapping


Matched by Microsoft


Total annual amount per person


Number of Support Group Members, Family Friends


Amount generated per support group


Amount for 20 Support Groups


Amount for 50 Support Groups


Amount for 100 Support Groups



Every dollar for research. Do you see the potential?  Now, how does 35 cents per day look?  Get family and friends to do this and we could well provide the funding that finds new and better treatment or, god-willing, we might even provide the funding that leads to the cure.

 Please join me in this effort. 

Steve W Sign..jpg 

Steve Weinstein, Co-leader, Boca Raton Multiple Myeloma Support Group

There are three different ways to generate points that you can turn into cash donations for the IMF and the step by step instructions for each are presented in the order listed below:

1.         From your desktop or laptop computer 

2.         From your smartphone or tablet

3.         What I think of as Bonus Points which can be earned through either your computer or smartphone/tablet and additional points from emails you receive from Microsoft Rewards 

For a step by step guide to sign up for Microsoft Rewards click HERE 


If you cannot participate in the event but would like to show your support, please consider making an online donation by clicking the blue DONATE button above. 

To donate by check, please make check out to International Myeloma Foundation
Please note in the Memo/For Line: Microsoft Rewards
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International Myeloma Foundation 
Attn: Suzanne Battaglia 
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