Joe Winter Challenge

Joe is Sim Racing in the Winter Challenge!

Joe Winter Challenge.png


How is it winter already? What's this Sim Racing thing? Who's Joe?
Everybody's got questions, so let's do this one at a time!, sir, in the yellow rain coat... What's your question?

Who's Joe?
I am. Next question. about the girl with the blue and red hair...

What is Sim Racing? Sounds like some sort of video game!
Shh.. if the hardcore sim racers heard you call it a video game, they would blow a tire. It's certainly NOT a video game (even though it is). It’s actually a massive multiplayer online racing experience that does its best to feel just like real racing. I've been racing "iRacing" for a few months now, and having A LOT OF FUN!
…let's go with the girl holding the volleyball… have a question?

What's the "Winter Challenge"?
So glad you asked. The Winter Challenge is a racing series where drivers pick a charity to represent and through a number of qualifying categories (including doing well in each race) can win money for that charity! Each race features different tracks and cars that I'm very excited about. We also get to design paint schemes for our cars that highlight our charities!
...the guy with the broccoli in his teeth? Question?

Why are you telling us about it?
Oh. I thought that was obvious by now… I'll be racing in it for the International Myeloma Foundation!
…the gentleman wearing the Jack Daniels shirt?

Why did you pick Multiple Myeloma for a charity?
My father-in-law, Bob, suffered from and eventually passed away from Multiple Myeloma Cancer. If you knew him, or ever had the chance to meet him, you know why I want there to be a cure. I've supported their research since he passed and it would be a wonderful thing to find a cure, the sooner the better. The Myeloma Foundation has something called "Black Swan Research Initiative" (BSRI) which uses innovation in technology to accelerate their path to find a cure. One of their mottos is "On the Road to the Cure" -- I can't think of a better match for me and racing! question!

So how's this gonna work?
On the 2nd Saturday of each month, there's a race! Each race will be professionally broadcast live, and also streamed from my point of view! See the full schedule for times and links. Throughout the six months, I'll update this page with pictures, videos, and stories recapping each race.

Thank YOU.
It's really great when you can combine something you love to do with something that helps others. With your support we can make a difference through research and technology that can hopefully rid us of a terrible disease and make the world a better place. So thank you for anything that you can give to this great cause. 


 To send a donation directly to the International Myeloma Foundation
Mail to:
International Myeloma Foundation
Attn: Suzanne Battaglia 12650 Riverside Drive Suite 206, North Hollywood, CA 91607
Please notate in the Memo Line: Winter Challenge

          Proceeds will benefit the International Myeloma Foundation