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Keep Cancer Patients Safe At Home, Support Cancer Drug Parity

Dear [Decision Maker],

Cancer patients are facing unique challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sadly, access to treatment has been an issue some patients are facing. H.R. 1730/S. 741, the Cancer Drug Parity Act would help mitigate this for some patients.

Oncology care medical professionals are advising patients to stay home as much as possible. When it is medically appropriate, patients are being transitioning onto oral (or self-administered) chemotherapy drugs in order to achieve this goal. These self-administered drugs are taken by patients in the comfort of their own homes, ensuring patients with vulnerable immune systems are not facing exposure to COVID-19.

Cancer patients who are able to stay safe at home will help flatten the curve and limit overwhelming their local health care system with additional complications should they contract COVID -19 or require care due to rapid cancer progression from lack of proper treatment.

Please consider cosponsoring the Cancer Drug Parity Act and supporting the inclusion of this bill in any COVID-19 relief legislation passed by Congress.

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