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Support the Creation of an Out-of-Pocket Cap for Medicare Part D Beneficiaries

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a supporter of the International Myeloma Foundation, I write today in support of the creation of an out-of-pocket cap for Medicare Part D beneficiaries with a mechanism to ensure that patient costs are spread across the calendar year.

Due to the structure of Medicare Part D, many Medicare recipients struggle to obtain their medications due to high out-of-pocket costs. Patients can also face a very large cost burden at the start of a calendar year or at the beginning of their treatment as a result of the program's current structure. Sadly, many myeloma patients have faced barriers in their care as a result of this issue.

Please support efforts to create an out-of-pocket cap in Medicare Part D with the inclusion of a mechanism to spread costs across the year. Doing so will ensure that people with myeloma can access their medications.

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