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Myeloma Warrior Hooded Sweatshirt, Dark Grey
Myeloma Warrior Hooded Sweatshirt, Dark Grey


High-quality Unisex Hooded Long-Sleeved *Lightweight Sweatshirt. Zippered front with small IMF Logo, and back has large Myeloma Warrior Logo. Back of shirt Myeloma Warrior Logo is available in either "Heart" or "Shield". See photos to choose your favorite, or get both!

*Please note, this is a lightweight sweatshirt, perfect for warmer climates


Description-HoodieBackDarkWomensHeartPS.jpg  Description-HoodieBackDarkMensShield.jpg
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  • Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery (please call IMF for rush orders)
  • International orders please call IMF: (800) 452-CURE
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