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What day will the actual race be held? The race will happen on April 24, 2021. 

When does Early Bird Registration end? Early Bird registration has been extended to March 5, 2021. 

Where will the race be held? Since this is a virtual race it will be held wherever you are and are safe to complete a 5K. 

When do I need to have my race times submitted for a prize? Times are to be submitted to carolyn@runhouse.com before 12 PM Eastern on April 24, 2021. 

When will the winners of the race and other competitions be announced? All winners will be announced by 5 PM Eastern on April 24, 2021.

What competitions are there?

Virtual Team Competitions:  
Team With The Most Virtual Participants.
Team That Raises The Highest Amount of Donations.
Team or Individual With The Most Miles for Myeloma Spirit.
 Submit photo entries to: ikenville@myeloma.org  
Individual Competitions:
Prizes are awarded to the fasted Female and Male runner. 
Prizes are awarded to the fastest Female and Male runner under the age of 12. 
Times should be submitted to: carolyn@runhouse.com
Individual who raises the most donations.
Individual or Team with the most Miles for Myeloma Spirit.
Submit photo entries to: ikenville@myeloma.org
Cutest Non-Human Participant. 
Submit photo entries to: ikenville@myeloma.org

How do I get my Race Packet?  When you register you will select to either have your race packet shipped directly to you or to pick up your race packet in person. You will have two opportunities to pick up your race packet at Philadelphia Runner 3621 Walnut St. Philadelphia. April 16th from 3-6pm and April 23rd from 3-6pm.

What's included in the Race Packet?  Miles for Myeloma Medal,  Miles for Myeloma Race Bib,  Miles for Myeloma Program  Downloadable Finisher Certificate

How often is the Virtual Tribute Path updated? The Virtual Tribute Path is updated every Monday. 

What is the difference between my Individual Fundraising Page and my Team Page in the Participant Center? Your Individual fundraising page is separate from your team page and is the place where you have the opportunity to share your personal story about why this cause is important to you. Your Team Page which is set up by the team captain lists the roster, donations and has information about your team and why you are all participating together.  

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