Hatfield Hike 2021

  Huckleberry the dog posing outside on a hike


Last year, to celebrate my 60th birthday, Huckleberry (an Australian Cattle dog of strong character and questionable intelligence) and I began hiking the Appalachian Trail to raise money for two great causes, The International Myeloma Foundation and The CCHS Network.
Then the Covid pandemic struck, forcing us to return home and shelter with my wife and son for the past year.  I am now fully vaccinated, and Huckleberry is tired of being home bound.  We will restart our 2,200 mile hike on April 17th, 2021.
Both causes are very personal to me and to many of you.
The IMF has been providing support to people afflicted with multiple myeloma, a type of incurable blood cancer.  My father, Billy Hatfield, succumbed to this cancer two weeks shy of his 47th birthday.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to work in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry for 37 years and support the development and availability of two therapies, VELCADE and XPOVIO to provide hope to people with multiple myeloma.  The IMF is deeply involved with the development of these and many other treatments.  The goal is achieving a cure!
The CCHS Network is a family run organization that provides information and support to families with children born with congenital central hypoventilation syndrome.  This is an ultra rare medical condition in which a person is born without basic autonomic functions including the ability to breath when asleep, and for many at all.
My son Ian was born with CCHS, a life long condition that requires mechanical ventilation and constant diligence.  Ian is now 30 and is an amazing example of how the proper support can lead to a full, productive life.  He is a graduate of Boston University and works as a Legislative Aide in the Massachusetts State House.  In this position he has helped hundreds of people during the pandemic receive unemployment benefits, retain their housing, access Covid vaccines and many other state and federal services.  (I hope you can feel a father’s pride!)
Please consider making donations to either organization (or both!).
Bill Hartfield with mask     Bill Hartfield standing outside in front of a gazebo    Bill Hartfield standing outside     Bill Hartfield standing outside infront of an Arch ready to hike    Bill Hartfield sitting on a rock outside
I will start the hike in Georgia on April 17th, and pick up Huckleberry in late May when I reach Virginia.  We will be posting photos of the 2,200 mile hike.  We plan on completing the hike from Georgia to Maine in September. To follow our adventures visit us on our interactive map.
Thanks to all of you who donated last April and to my wife Toni who will be holding down the fort.
To follow our adventure visit us on our Interactive Map,  Hatfield Map


Regards, Bill Hatfield

 Bill Hartfield standing with tshirt and jeans on   Huckleberry and Bill Hatfield sitting

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